Zhangzhou PX project again resurgence two fire trucks were burned

Yesterday evening, the fire brigade continue to invest in fire fighting, a lot of lunch are not more anxious to open, foreign troops rush to the rescue once again return to the scene. Our reporter Wang Yi Zhang Lin Xishe set.
Fujian Fujian Daily app- today April 8 Fujian Daily News reporters this morning at 7:50 from the scene back to the report, more than two in the morning today, one tank ruptured, inside the oil spill, the situation was grim, two Fire vehicles were burned, no casualties. At present, the two have been fired three tank is empty, the remaining one will burn down in a few hours, the situation is under control. For the sake of security, evacuation expanded to five kilometers, northeast wind at present, favorable for disaster relief.
According Quanzhou network April 8 hearing yesterday, the ministry of emergency center officials told reporters that the ministry has sent experts to the scene of the accident investigation. At present, the accident is judged to production safety accidents, the environment has not been classified as an accident. Chemical enterprise security incidents are likely to cause problems that affect the environment, is a gas leak to the outside, the impact on the surrounding environment, other effects may be the fire water into the environment. From the current situation on the local monitoring of the accident on the quality of the environment, including water and air without causing particularly large impact.
Updated at 8:31 on April 8
[Ligure villagers were evacuated]
Dongnanzaobao reporter Huang Xi Yang: According to the staff revealed Higashiyama Station, Higashiyama Station was transferred Ligure car full access, all Ligure people are dismissed.
Su Kaifang Dongnanzaobao Reporter: This morning, local parents have received notice closed schools.
Updated at 8:10 on April 8
According Dongnanzaobao reporter PAN Deng: Today at 2:00 pm, tanks resurgence occurs, the larger fire, reporters are isolated outside the plant. Currently the fire is still not out.
It said the dispute had people on the PX project is the big project site, and the project is located in Zhangzhou PX Peninsula neighborhoods in several kilometers away, has little effect on the living environment.
Beijing News reporter was informed that the project had deflagration EIA unit made by a national construction project EIA report. According to the EIA requirements, factories need to build an emergency water tank of 16,000 cubic meters, while the accident occurred three burning tanks, 12,000 cubic meters of heavy oil to remove part of the burn, plus fire water, waste water can all enter the emergency pool, will not affect the groundwater and soil surrounding environment.
However, the reporter learned from the Environmental Protection Department of the emergency center, the main environmental impacts caused by the accident in the atmosphere. Heavy oil burning smoke is 1.5 times that of ordinary gasoline and diesel oil tank burned day and night, on the surrounding atmosphere, especially downwind will have significant effect.
07:52 Update
Xiamen, Zhangzhou PX air explosion were not affected the main wind direction to the east
Channel Guide April 6, located in the ancient Ray Dragon Aromatics (Zhangzhou) Co., deflagration accident. Yesterday, in Xiamen, the micro-channel circle of friends, everyone is concerned about whether the impact of air accidents in Xiamen.
Meteorological department, yesterday's strong cold winds also brought to Xiamen, the main island in the east, northeast-oriented, that is, since the east or northeast winds, blowing toward the southwest direction Zhangzhou. With the gradual invasion of cold air, these days, it still is a major wind east, northeasterly based.
Yesterday, the Xiamen Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center Station Ads Xiamen real-time AQI between 29-56, and continued the recent good air, was not affected by the explosion. Yesterday, Xiamen began to rain, the rain, the air is fresh Xiamen Gulangyu, Nehon text, the air quality index in the lake has been excellent monitoring point range. The city's air quality index has been below 50 yesterday, is in the gifted range.
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Ministry of Environmental Protection Expert: PX processes unrelated accident
CAO Feng, the Research Center for Environmental and Economic Policy Fellow MEP, known chemical engineering design and production, engaged in environmental information and environmental economic policy research.
Beijing News: Why PX other petrochemical companies often accidents happen?
CAO Feng in: most of the chemicals are involved in the production environment of high temperature, flammable, toxic, explosive, complex equipment, once carelessness could have a significant hazard.
In recent years, people on chemical safety and production and a higher requirement. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of safety in production, and continuous improvement of production technology, standardized chemical production processes, improve safety awareness production management personnel. But still there are some problems, such as the operation of the safety management in place, the quality of staff skills of non-compliance.
The accident was caused by the oil spill, in fact, job responsibilities are not in place, the operation is not in place, the lack of safety awareness, and the whole production process is independent PX.
Beijing News: PX field project, and how China's technological level?
CAO Feng in: the current level of technology PX countries are similar. China's development but has the advantage later, a horse is the latest device in the energy saving and environmental protection, mode of operation, is the world's advanced level on the level of equipment. In contrast, the 1960s and 1970s began to be launched in the United States, South Korea launched the 1980s, wanted to improve the technical level, the upgrade was based on the original.
Beijing News: The incidents will increase public opposition to the PX?
CAO Feng in: the need to improve public awareness of the PX, companies to popularize scientific knowledge at the time of the public do not understand the things with the inertia of thinking to consider the issue, blindly onto the streets.
The fire once again tells us how important it is to strengthen the science. At the same time the accident also warns companies must put safety first, there is no security, there is no everything.
Ministry of Environmental Protection sent a letter last year refers to the ancient mine petrochemical unfinished EIA.
According to the "Southern Weekend" reported that prior to the accident, May 26, 2014, the ministry's official website has publicized a petrochemical base is associated with the ancient mine of letters, but appeared only about 1 hour, then quietly removed.
This letter is sent directly to the National Development and Reform Commission by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Letters that Ligure petrochemical base overall development plan, the EIA has not yet been completed, but the NDRC has the base plan were approved. The approval letter directed at the violation of the two laws, "Environmental Impact Assessment Law" and "Plan Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance."
Allegedly, the ministry had considered building Ligure petrochemical base may be local Mangrove National Nature Reserve, coral Provincial Nature Reserve adverse effects.
Beijing News reporters from sources close to the Ministry of Environmental Protection Division of the EIA has learned, the ministry last year for the Development and Reform Commission issued letters to true, which thereafter outside the network pulled the letter out of sectoral coordination is considered.
Reporter confirmation number EIA projects authorized persons have expressed the above laws and regulations, a major industrial base were required by the Ministry of Environmental Protection after the EIA approval by the NDRC and other order approved master plan.
Late last year, the State Department under decentralization in the context of decentralization of power to approve, cancel the pre-approval of the EIA, the implementation of parallel processing. Companies do not acquire the ministry instructions, shouting NDRC "flagging", but both can be carried out, but the policy is only for the general construction project EIA except outside of major construction projects, industrial parks, industrial base and planning not included.
Reporters learned that Zhangzhou has pre-built Dragon PX aromatics Xianglu petrochemical projects and PTA project is currently seeking derivative petrochemical industrial chain, built Ligure petrochemical base, and the preparation of the overall development plan.
Reporters from the EIA Division Department learned, Zhangzhou City has planned 100 square kilometers of land to build a petrochemical base, the planning has been done the EIA, Fujian Provincial Department of Environmental Protection to obtain approval, and thereafter by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission petrochemical base plan. This petrochemical base of 50 square kilometers has been incorporated into the national petrochemical base development plan, by the National Development and Reform Commission for planning approval.
According to the principle of peer approval, the local planning EIA required to submit to examination and approval by the Ministry of Environmental Protection after approved by the NDRC, the State Development and Reform Commission did not require approval of the views of local supporting planning EIA report and the Ministry of Environment, agreed to reply to this petrochemical base planning.
Beijing News reporter was informed that currently Ligure petrochemical base for planning EIA approval is currently only at the provincial level, the EIA report was also winning, but after the base was upgraded as a national petrochemical base, planning EIA is still under revision after modify the process, has not been submitted for approval to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.